Project launch and start of phase 1

By Kieran Balloo

The Student Wellbeing & Life Outcomes Project launched at the beginning of July and we have got straight to work on the first phase of our four-phase project. As a secondary data analysis project, our main job at the moment involves preparing various data for analysis. During phase 1, which will last for the next few months, we will focus on preparing data to address the following research question:

  • What type of university environment works for having better life outcomes (particularly mental health and wellbeing) for graduates with different social characteristics?

Respondents’ university data from the Next Steps Study will be linked with university data held by the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) and the Office for Students (OfS), and with National Student Survey (NSS) results. Some of the university data will be used to classify universities based on their environment. For example, universities will be clustered based on their financial investment in, and access to, sports facilities, and their perceived levels of academic and personal support.

We will also be meeting with members of our advisory board during this phase to discuss our project plans and ensure our research will be relevant to our beneficiaries.

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